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PO Box Moves Concerns Some Residents
Some Athabasca County residents are not happy their mailbox might be moved to the Colinton Post Office.
At a meeting of County Council, Councillor Kevin Haines said some residents are being told to pick up their mail in Colinton if they want to continue with their free mailbox. He noted they were given the option to pay a fee if they want to keep their Athabasca box.

"In some cases these people have had post office boxes for 50-60 years," he said. "And all-of-a-sudden they're being told you're going to get your mail [in Colinton] or you're going to pay this much."

Apparently, some people were given Athabasca boxes in the past because Colinton didn't have enough at the time. That's since been rectified, which is why Canada Post wants to relocate some people to Colinton.

Christi Bilsky, who represents Division 4 which appears be the most affected said she wanted to see what the new boundaries are.

"Why all-of-a-sudden is there this need for boxes?" she questioned. "It sounds to me like this is a cash grab."

She wanted to write a letter to MP Shannon Stubbs, but Larry Armfelt suggested that might get people nowhere. He instead suggested figuring out who to word this letter to.

"I don't want to say, OK, let's write a letter right now' and have it be a knee jerk reaction," Armfelt said at the meeting.

Council voted unanimously to investigate these concerns and return to council at a future meeting.
It is on the agenda at the May 25 County meeting.
Haines believes people who've had boxes in Athabasca for years are not in favour of driving to Colinton just to pick up mail after working in Athabasca.
May 24, 2017 - Victor Kaisar (vkaisar@newcap.ca)

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